• 05 Mar - 08 March, 2020
  • Yeniceköy, İnegöl Bursa Karayolu 6.km, 16400 İnegöl/Bursa, Türkiye
  • Textiles
  • Furniture

About the Event

UPHOLSTERY SHOW is one of its kind events, which is strictly bringing together “the upholstery fabric producers” with “sofa producers” in Buyers' Zone.

This event will be held not in an exhibition hall or in a hotel meeting room but in the very heart of the Furniture Industry in Inegol / Bursa and specific place which is the biggest covered furniture mall of Europe, MOBILIYUM MALL.

The Upholstery Fabric Producers will have a space for displaying samples and 200 Furniture producers will have a chance to see the latest collections.

Don’t miss this unique event which is focusing on one to one meeting in B2B trade.

Here are the hints of the event;

WHO are the companies to meet?

Mobiliyum Furniture mall is the home to 200 producers of Inegol. Inegol is the furniture hub city in Turkey and %50 of the Furniture Export are run by here. You may see the possible companies to meet in the “participants” part and ask for the appointment.  

WHO should attend to the event?

If you are a company as;

-         Producing upholstery fabric

-         Exporting upholstery fabric

-         Giving service to the furniture industry somehow, you are in the place to meet with real buyers in their homeland.

WHERE & WHEN is the event?

The event will be held in Mobiliyum Furniture Mall. So, there will be the easiest way to reach to the producers. The B2B meetings will be held in 6th and 7th of March 2020 during full 2 days.

HOW is the meeting procedure?

After our approval for your exhibiting, we will send you an online system link and you will see all the possible companies to meet. You will ask for an appointment and you will have a scheduled plan for the show. Please leave space for spontaneous meetings.

WHAT is included in the price and what is the total cost

This is one of its kind events so we provide a full package service including;

o   Meeting space/hanger/ table – a comfortable place for one to one meeting

o   Appointment system

o   B2B Matchmaking facility

o   Airport transfer from Istanbul tInegol (the airport is 250 km away from Inegol)

o   3 nights at 5 stars hotel accommodation in a single room

o   2 Lunches

o   3 Dinners

o   Free WIFI in the buyers’ zone.

o   So you have no surprise cost and all is included to 2900 € + VAT (%18)

WHO supports this event?

Mobiliyum Furniture Mall Board is the supporter of the event and would like to meet its producers with different suppliers from all over the world.


Please drop us an e-mail or reach to event organisers by WhatsApp or phone through +90 533 270 43 02.


Event Details

Day 1

Upholstery Show B2B Matchmaking Session

  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • 12/9/2019
Day 2

Upholstery Show B2B Matchmaking Session

  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • 12/10/2019
Day 3

Upholstery Show B2B Matchmaking Session

  • 10:01 - 16:00
  • 12/11/2019
General Admission
  • Erol BAYSU
  • erolbaysu@globalmark.com.tr
Amir Ali
Indian Market Supervisor
  • Amir Ali
  • amir.ndims@gmail.com
Dariusz Kowalski
Poland Region Responsible
  • Dariusz Kowalski
  • dariusz@brstudio.eu





Mobiliyum Furniture Mall Administration is the organiser to the event and GlobalMark is the event management company for running B2B Matchmaking Facilities. 


Date of Event and Venue


Event is going to be held in Mobiliyum Furniture Mall , in the heart of the producers of furnitures zone . 6 March  and 7 March  2020  is the date to the events.


5 March 2020  is the arrival date for all exhibiting Companies and 8 March  2020  is the date of departure.


Apply for Event


Please apply your request to info@globalmark.com.tr by indicating that you would like to participate to the event as an exhibitor.



After our approval of your request we will register you to our online appointment system and give you an access code


Pre Payment & Payment

Pre Payment will be 900 € for Each company / person and 2000 € for each company /person will be paid onsite . ( VAT is not included )


Online System

You will see 200 Producers of Sofa ( Upholstered furniture )  in İnegöl in the system and you will ask an appointment and you may give a start to correspondence before event.


Travel Arrangements

We will ask your flight tickets to be purchased by you , After recevining your flight details , we will provide an airport – hotel- airport transportation for you . One week before arrival we will inform you about welcoming procedure and driver details .

We will book your hotel in 5 stars Marrion Hotel in İnegöl which is also in the same zone with Mobiliyum Furniture Mall


Whats is included totally ?

3 Nights accommodation in 5 stars Hotel

Lunches and Dinners during your stay,

Airport transfers  

Exhibition space in One to one meeting mode , 2 Hangers and 4 chairs to be located in event area

Electricity , WIFI Other requirements for a smooth meeting.




Upholstery Shows committs you to


-          Access full database of Mobiliyum Furniture Mall – Producers of Furniture including the Contact details

-          Possibility to correspond before the event

-          At least -10 Perfect match- meeting specially organised with your company


We would like to welcome you in this very specific and target clients oriented B2B Matchmaking event which is going to be held in Buyers own Zone , Mobiliyum Furniture Mall .




It brings together investors with manufacturers, wholesalers with retailers and distinguished products of high quality with buyers on the indoor area of 225.000 m² with 200 shops and 200 local furniture manufacturing brands.

Taking advantage of commercial activity due to being located on historical Silk Road and close to sources of raw materials, İnegöl has been the heart of furniture sector in Turkey. It meets 50% of furniture production needs in our country providing working places for 30 thousand employees and exporting to more than 150 countries worldwide. İt became an important building block in a period of time when Turkey’s economy opens its doors to global market.

İnegöl, with an economic and social awareness and Mobiliyum furniture mall designed with the cost of 100 Million USD, has made the most significant investment into turning our region into the furniture center of the World. It has brought together thousands of products with their buyers in a huge comfortable indoor complex. It made shopping for furniture pleasant and simple.

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